Thomas Leo Feher (Tom Fair)
June 27, 1947 -- August 5, 2018

Music Historian, Teacher, Songwriter, Singer, Guitarist

Homemade JAM Ingredients:

Two cups -- '20s & '30s Tin Pan Alley
One cup -- Vintage Blues
One cup -- Jug Band Tunes
Stir vigorously, while adding a dash of '40s, '50s and '60s dance tunes.

Click here for our latest highlights video.

Homemade JAM plays as a duo, trio, quartet--up to a 6-piece. The band has performed in settings ranging from a pop-up vintage market in artsy Downtown L.A. to an upscale jazz brunch, from a nurses' fundraiser to a city library's outdoor summer concert series, from a legendary 1920s-era restaurant to a surprise birthday party and children's book release reception.

Just a small sampling of what fans have to say:

“A true authentic nod to how it was back in the day. Homemade JAM brings Tin Pan Alley to life and are highly entertaining in a fun and musically theatrical way.  Always a big hit when they made an appearance at Tuccio's Sunday brunch."  
--Damien Shields, Owner, Tuccio's, Woodland Hills, CA

“What a great band! Homemade JAM brings an amazing collection of
sing-able, swing-able classics,  even classics I used to hear my parents grooving to -- the ones so basically good they’re always a pleasure. Seasoned musicians full of rhythm and harmony, and if you’ve any swing dancers in your audience, you’d better have a little free floor space for them!”    
--Piri M., House Concert Host, Altadena, CA



From raucous swing to sultry blues of the Tin Pan Alley era, this highlights reel demonstrates the range of the band.




The 1920s and 1930s were a treasure trove of amazing American music written by some of the most revered songwriters of all time. Homemade JAM is dedicated to bringing alive this era.



WARNING--The music of Homemade JAM may cause the following side effects: Your feet may start uncontrollably tapping; your legs may involuntarily itch to get up and dance; your lips may upturn into a sunny smile; and your hands may start clapping in time to the jaunty '20s and '30s tunes played so enthusiastically by Tom Fair, Bob Gothar, Jerry Strull, Steve Sadd, Lynn Coulter and Samantha Elin.

Take a look at lots of photos of Homemade JAM in action.





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